Two IRC staff members carry a coffee tables out of a u-haul
Two IRC staff members carry donated furniture items out of a Uhaul to set up a home for a newly arrived family.
Photo: IRC Missoula

The IRC in Missoula is committed to supporting newly arrived refugees on their journey from harm to home. As part of that commitment, we provide refugees with the basics they will need to start rebuilding their lives here in the U.S. Join our efforts by gathering much-needed in-kind donations to assist newly arrived refugee families and individuals as they work to regain control of their future and positively integrate into our community.

The Stop and Shop is a new initiative housed in the International Rescue Committee office in Missoula and it is open to all people served by the IRC. Families are able to "shop" for household items, we have everything from kitchenware, clothes, to bedding. These items are free and fully maintained by donations ensuring that families have the resources to care for their new homes!

Due to an outpouring of support from our Montana community, we are in good shape when it comes to many household items. There are a few items, however, that we are running short on. 

Current high-priority donation needs include the following: 

You can also visit our Amazon Wishlist to purchase items that are always needed. Items purchased from the Wishlist will be sent directly to the IRC Missoula office and distributed to those we serve.

Financial contributions are accepted and can be made here.

How do I get my donation to IRC Missoula? 

Donations will be accepted by appointment only. To schedule a donation drop-off, please email our Operations Specialist with a detailed list of the items you have for donation and photos of furniture. We will follow up to confirm that we can receive the items and schedule a drop off time and location for our off-site storage. 

Can IRC Missoula pick up a donation from my house? 

For small and easy-to-move items, it can typically be arranged for an IRC staff member to pick up a donation from someone, as long as they are in Missoula. 

For larger furniture items, such as couches, tables, and dressers, we do not have consistent access to a pick-up truck, so it is not always possible for us to pick up a donation. If a donor does not have a way to get a large furniture item to us, they may elect to store it until we are ready to collect it.

If you have a truck and would be willing to volunteer your time to help us pick up larger donated items from time to time, please shoot us an email.

We cannot pick up any donations from outside Missoula at this time. 

Does quality matter for furniture donations? 

Yes! Refugees should begin their new life with dignity, therefore, we have high expectations for furniture donations. Upholstered furniture should be in good condition without any tears, rips, scratches, smells, or stains. If pets are allowed on upholstered furniture, the items should be well-vacuumed and cleaned before they are donated. We cannot accept furniture with visible pet hair. All furniture should be structurally sound without any need for repairs.

Are there any items IRC Missoula does NOT accept?

Yes, we cannot accept the following