With the recent surge in arrivals of persons displaced due to international conflicts and the rise of community groups wanting to provide support, IRC has committed to facilitating Community Sponsorship in the resettlement of refugees, SIVs, parolees, and all displaced persons we serve. What is Community Sponsorship? What is Co-Sponsorship?

Resettled Family
Resettled Family
Photo: IRC



Co-Sponsor groups enhance the quality of life for displaced individuals and families by supporting their welcome and integration in a local community. Groups can take many forms including local clubs, university communities, faith- based institutions, or community groups, sports teams, book clubs, and many more.



We encourage you to share your interest in our work using the above interest form and begin gathering the information and resources needed to succeed once we resume intake of new groups.  Thank you for your support.  We look forward to hearing from you and working together to support refugees and other displaced persons on their journey to integrate into their new communities, achieve self-sufficiency and thrive!

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For more information about Co-Sponsorship opportunities with IRC NJ, please contact Sally El-Sadek, Community Sponsorship Coordinator, [email protected], 908-346-4478