On Saturday, June 19 the IRC in Tallahassee will celebrate World Refugee Day. The IRC will host a live virtual panel discussion with community partners, refugee families and the Tallahassee community at-large. In addition, the IRC will host an in-person event tentatively planned at Tom Brown Park. The events will highlight the contributions of the refugee community in Tallahassee, and elevated the voices of refugee families, community leaders and volunteers who ensure Big Bend communities continue to be welcoming places for all. 

World Refugee Day
Photo: IRC

The IRC in Tallahassee is excited to invite the community to participate in celebrating World Refugee Day.  Observed on June 20, World Refugee Day commemorates the strength, courage, and resilience of millions of refugees and highlights the factors that contribute to millions of people being displaced all across the world. This year, the IRC in Tallahassee is partnering with the community to celebrate the vast contributions that refugees have made to our state and to advocate for refugees and asylum seekers. The IRC will also discuss the restoration of the refugee resettlement program under President Biden’s Administration during a live panel discussion.

Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. - The United Nations

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRC in Tallahassee and Big Bend communities would gather to celebrate World Refugee Day by hosting large events where food and performances were common. In 2020, due to health guidelines, the IRC hosted an online event where members of the community engaged with thought leaders in a discussion about the state of refugees in Tallahassee and the outlook of the refugee resettlement program under Trump’s Administration. This year, the IRC is bringing back one of its long-standing traditions and will host an in-person event on June 19 (starting at Noon) at Tom Brown Park to celebrate World Refugee Day. That same day, IRC will livestream a panel discussion on its Facebook page starting at 2 pm.  

Details of the events are being finalized and will be posted on IRC’s Facebook page. We encourage the public to participate! 

In June 2020, Tallahassee’s Mayor John Dailey stated:  

"Refugees are resilient, hardworking people whose innovative skills contribute greatly to Tallahassee’s economic vitality and diversity of culture. From opening and operating businesses to being active and engaged with their neighborhoods and more, as Mayor I’ve seen firsthand how refugees who now call Tallahassee home have become a vital part of the fabric of our community helping to make us stronger.”   Mayor John Dailey - Mayor of Tallahassee 

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