Welcome newcomers to our community by organizing an in-kind donation drive or passing on new or like-new items. In-kind donations help refugee families as they reclaim control of their future and work toward rebuilding their lives in the Seattle area.


Donating Individual Items

Community members can use our Amazon wishlist and ship new items directly to the IRC in Seattle's mailbox! For community members interested in dropping off gently used donations please call or email us to find out what items we accept. Currently, these are the items we are most in need of:


Gift Card Drive

Gift cards offer refugees the opportunity to choose for themselves the things they need, helping to reclaim power and control over their own lives. The gift of choice is unmatched!


Welcome Kits & Drives

Team up with family, friends, colleagues, or classmates to gather items and assemble hygiene kits, cleaning kits, or laundry kits to be shared with newcomer families.

We also offer opportunities for individuals and groups to host drives at various times throughout the year to collect donated backpacks and school supplies, baby items, and winter coats and boots.

Email us to find out more about volunteer projects for families or groups of all sizes.