Thank you to the members of the First Congregational Church of Bellevue for organizing and carrying out a donation drive for culturally-appropriate foods!

For the month of February, congregation members led by the Immigrant Welcoming Task Force, organized a massive food drive to gather culturally-appropriate food items for the IRC's emergency food pantry. COVID-19 has created significant food insecurity among the communities we help at the IRC. These healthy and shelf-stable groceries help relieve stress and provide culturally-relevant food essentials to families experiencing tough times.

Grocery kits ready to be delivered to folks facing food insecurity.
Photo: IRC

Spices, like fenugreek and saffron, and other cooking staples, fish sauce and cooking oils, were gathered by the members of the congregation and their families. Dates, coffee, coconut milk, tahini, and soy sauce were just some of the items included alongside staples like beans, rice, pasta, and canned fish and vegetables. The group collected hundredsofpounds of groceries, all of which will be delivered directly to families experiencing food insecurity.

Thanks to the First Congregational Church of Bellevue for all your hard work and for setting an example for what it means to be a welcoming community! 

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If you're interested in supporting the IRC in Seattle's efforts helping families experiencing food and housing insecurity due to the pandemic, consider making a donation to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund