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Local Partnership Takes Nutrition Education Learning Online

Though social distancing measures have kept the IRC in Richmond staff physically distant from clients, we have been inspired by clients’ ability to continue to engage with staff and community partners through remote learning. Through a partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension, Taylor Walters, IRC's Health Liaison, launched an online Nutrition Education class. Taught by Amanda Sandiford, Program Assistant with Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Family Nutrition Program, this class is a four-part education in healthy eating, budgeting at the grocery store, and staying active at home.

The class is typically offered in person, but, through training and adaptation, is being offered via the online video platform Zoom, allowing for interactive engagement. At the end of the course, the participants will receive the program materials by mail, including an infographic on shopping in-season, a grocery shopping budget template, and an exercise band. The IRC in Richmond is so thankful for its community partners and excited to return to offering this wonderful training to its clients in-person soon!