The Pathways to Careers in Resettlement, Asylum, and Integration Scholarship is a resource to diversify and enhance IRC’s talent pipeline, specifically targeting internships across our offices in the United States. Over the last 3 years, the IRC has supported 32 diverse interns receiving over $120,000 of educational awards. Explore eligibility and apply to this year’s opportunity below.

The IRC recognizes the critical need for staff and leadership to reflect the diversity of the community in which we work and the people we serve. This scholarship’s main objective is to promote career paths in humanitarian work for diverse populations and further our commitment to a diverse and inclusive internship experience.

Selma Hamed, a recipient of the 2021 scholarship, revealed her challenges in financing her master's degree. She admitted contemplating quitting until she secured the internship scholarship, enabling her to persevere and complete her Master's in Health Administration. She recently graduated this year. At the time of the scholarship, she served as an intern. Later in the same year, she was hired as a senior finance coordinator. Now, she holds the position of finance manager.

Selma Hamed is pictured smiling at graduation with blue cap, hijab, and gown with red honor cords
Selma Hamed, 2021 scholarship recipient, graduating with her Master’s in Health Administration in 2024

Reflecting on her journey, Selma expressed gratitude for the scholarship, emphasizing its pivotal role in enabling her to achieve her academic aspirations. She particularly appreciated the IRC scholarship, recognizing its significance for individuals like herself who lack the privilege to access other forms of funding due to their circumstances.

The scholarship enabled me to accomplish my goals, and I am deeply grateful to the IRC scholarship, especially for those who, like me, face obstacles in accessing other funding opportunities due to their status.

This year, we have implemented changes to the scholarship opportunity to deepen the impact through a cohort experience. Please review eligibility and award information below. The application link will be shared in April and goes live on May 1.

Applicants must have a RAI-US internship offer serving August 2024 – October 2024 in order to receive this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Award Information

Twelve awards of $3,500 each will be granted to interns who are selected for the scholarship, successfully complete their RAI-US internship, and participate in the cohort experience. The scholarship award can only be used for tuition or education expenses. It is made payable to the college or university and mailed to the recipient’s home address. It cannot be used to pay off student loans. Past recipients may not reapply.

How to Apply

Intern applicants who are eligible to apply can be directed to IRC’s application link. Candidates need to review the information on the website and then click on Apply Now. Candidates will be asked to create a profile on Scholarship America’s website to apply which will be live on May 1.


Applications are open from May 1 – May 22 3:00pm CT. Interns selected to receive the scholarship will be notified in early July. Awards will be distributed in August 2024.

Refer to this FAQ document to further confirm your eligibility for this internship scholarship opportunity.


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