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Refugee artist wows IRC staff

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IRC clients arrive with all sorts of skills and talents that they are ready to share with their new American neighbors. As much as the IRC assists clients to adjust to their new surroundings, we also celebrate their backgrounds, talents, and self-expression through a variety of means.

Chishimba's art

Chishimba's art speaks to the beauty and diversity of humanity.

Photo: Kathryn Hoven/IRC.


IRC staff have endeavored to support clients through a host of skills, like sharing their home cuisines, woodworking, and textiles.

Chishimba's art
Photo: Alison Millan/IRC.

This past June, IRC resettled a Congolese painter named Chishimba Muyambo. Staff quickly fell in in love with his paintings. Deputy Director Alison Millan shared his “phenomenal” work and asked staff to think about how IRC and its supporters could help Chishimba share his paintings here in the U.S.

Chishimba is participating in IRC programs to move toward self-sufficiency, but his art is a key piece of his personality and skillset for future employment and joy here in New Jersey.

Chishimba's art
Photo: Alison Millan/IRC


If you are interested in supporting or showcasing refugee talent, please contact Brittany O’Neill, Development Director, at Brittany.ONeill [at] rescue.org. Clients are also often in need of supplies for their artwork, which is particularly important as a healthy mode of self-expression. If you would like to donate art supplies, please contact Brittany as well.

To support clients like Chishimba and the staff who work on his behalf, please click here.

Chishimba's prolific art input impressed and inspired IRC staff.

Photo: Kathryn Hoven/IRC.