Peacemakers Refugee and Immigrant youth with art at San Diego Airport
IRC Peacemakers pose in front of the art installation at the San Diego International Airport featuring their stories.
Photo: IRC in San Diego

Founded in 2009, the IRC Peacemakers program was developed in response to refugee students’ desire to help raise awareness about the situation of refugees around the world, and to take action to help their fellow refugees. Through public speaking engagements at schools, community groups, and events, Peacemaker refugee and immigrant youth aim to:

Airport art installation features refugee and immigrant youth stories

San Diego refugee immigrant youth view art installation
IRC Peacemakers view the final product of their project with High Tech High.
Photo: Meagan Maher/IRC

This year, the group had the unique opportunity to work with a High Tech High class to create a semi-permanent exhibit at the San Diego International Airport.  Through art, the classes hoped to humanize refugees through their stories and experiences.

The project began with a visit to High Tech High where the students photographed and interviewed the Peacemakers in small groups or pairs.  The youth discussed what life was like in their home country, experiences they had leading up to leaving for the U.S., what the journey itself was like, and their lives since they arrived in San Diego.  The students then transformed the Peacemakers’ stories and photos into an art piece with each panel representing an individual story, all of which are woven together to form the complete display.

The installation can be found in Terminal 2, near Starbucks. To learn more about the Peacemakers program, or to request a speaker please contact [email protected]

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