Light One Candle, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Salt Lake City's annual holiday gift drive, offers community members the unique opportunity to fulfill holiday wish lists for recently arrived refugee families and individuals, supporting their efforts to gain control of their future and become an integral part of our community. By providing much-needed supplies and other gifts, sponsors help refugee families as they focus on rebuilding their lives in our community. 

This year we worked with 72 sponsors to provide 94 families who have arrived in Utah over the past year with gifts for the holiday season. In total, 342 individuals received gifts!  

Light One Candle sponsors pick items from a family's wish list: anything from hygiene supplies and flat-screen TVs, to warm clothes, toys, and other household items. This year, gifts distributed during the event were valued at nearly $200,000. We are deeply grateful for the sponsors who went above and beyond to support these families, and fulfill their wish lists!

You can follow their lead by getting involved today! Learn more by visiting

A kid from Afghanistan opening up toys during the holidays.
A family's son opens his toys from the Light One Candle sponsors.
Photo: James Roh