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Spread the word in Oakland

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Want to spread the word about making #RefugeesWelcome and also contribute more? There are various, creative ways to accomplish these goals simultaneously.

Raise money.

Invite your friends and family for dinner, tea, or a dance party and ask for a suggested donation at the door, making your guests aware ahead of time why you’re hosting this time around! 

Running a race this year or next? Ask your supporters to donate a dollar or ten for each mile you conquer! 

If you are a teacher or student, consider holding a "Change for Refugees" coin drive among your class(es) and donating the total raised to the IRC in Oakland.

You can use Crowdrise to support these efforts. Contact Stephanie.Heckman [at] rescue.org (subject: Raising%20money%20for%20IRC%20Oakland) for more information.


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Follow us on Facebook, and ask others to do the same! “Like” and share our posts and articles. Use the hashtag #RefugeesWelcome when sharing posts on your social media accounts about the refugee crisis and acknowledging that refugees are welcome in our community. Tag @International Rescue Committee in Oakland on Facebook to link others to us, and also use the #IRCOakland hashtag when sharing information about the IRC’s refugee resettlement efforts in Oakland.