January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, dedicated to educating the public on how to prevent human trafficking. Through two anti-trafficking grants, the IRC in Silver Spring provides survivors of trafficking with rental assistance and case management services. Last year, the IRC in Silver Spring supported 43 survivors of trafficking to rebuild their lives in Maryland. 

Celine Mworia is an IRC anti-trafficking caseworker responsible for assisting survivors of trafficking. At the IRC, Celine connects her clients with legal representation so they can receive a T visa, a legal status that allows survivors to live and work in the United States. Celine and her team identify safe housing and refer survivors for mental health evaluation and treatment with the goal of helping them achieve stability so they can support themselves. 

The most rewarding part of her work is supporting clients to regain power and agency so they can make decisions about their lives. Whether it is the opportunity to provide for themselves financially, enroll in school, or advance in their career of choice, the anti-trafficking program at the IRC ensures that survivors have the tools and support they need to thrive.