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Success Story: From Refugee to Caseworker

March was Women's History Month, and we love having an extra reason to celebrate some of the amazing women who make the work we do here in Sacramento (and across the world) possible! One of those awesome women is Feroza, a caseworker here at the IRC in Sacramento – but she started out her story with the IRC on the other side of the table. Overcoming the obstacles of resettling in a new country and creating a life for herself, Feroza exemplifies all that can be achieved by refugees as they make Sacramento their home.

Feroza moved to the U.S. from Afghanistan in November 2016. She came to the states as a Special Immigrant Visa holder; one of a select few granted these visas due to the danger she faced from helping the U.S. troops as an interpreter and financial advisor.

While she was excited about experiencing a new place and new culture, she also felt conflicted. There was a lot to learn and overcome as she settled into her new life here. The IRC in Sacramento played a vital role in supporting Feroza as she faced the challenges of starting over. She remembers how her caseworker guided her through making doctor's appointments, handling complicated paperwork and finding a job. It was her personal experience of getting resettled in Sacramento that kindled her passion for helping others going through the same process. 

With her years of experience, she joined the Sacramento team as a Dari interpreter. She has since been promoted twice, first as a Case Aid, now as a full-time Caseworker! Feroza really enjoys her work. She says that she believes she can make a unique impact on the lives of newly arrived refugees since she knows what it is like to start over.

Feroza would like to share this with fellow refugees: "Trust yourself and motivate yourself. If I can do it, so can you."