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Summer in Missoula

The heat finally found Montana in July and, along with the rest of Missoula, refugee families headed for Splash Montana to cool off.

Three years ago Kenedy, Wakati, and Enoki did not know how to swim, but today they swim every chance they get, a skill they picked up at camp. Through generous donations to the IRC, kids get the opportunity to attend summer camps throughout Missoula. Camp Imagination at the Missoula YMCA, Clark Fork School, and WORD welcomed dozens of refugee youth for fun and adventure this summer. Kids get to explore Missoula and the surrounding areas, make new friends, and don't experience summer learning loss. 

Kenedy, Wakati, and Enoki enjoy the water.

Photo: Helen Rolston-Clemmer/IRC

Thanks to all of our stellar donors for making summer camp a reality for refugee youth!