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Thank you, Kansas, for welcoming refugees

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During the months of July and August, the IRC in Wichita received an outpouring of love from Kansans all over the state. 

Two girls sitting on the porch of their home. Photo: IRC/AOberstadt

This began with the First Presbyterian Church of Wichita’s Backpack Bash on August 10, providing support for refugee students of all ages. The event provided over 335 students an opportunity to select their own new backpack and school supplies, completely free thanks to the generosity of a multitude of organizations and groups. School supplies were donated by community organizations with help from volunteers from Grace Presbyterian, First Presbyterian, the Islamic Society of Wichita, and more!

Next, when it came time to providing household goods for new arrivals, supporters responded by donating goods such as mattresses and box springs, dressers, and trash cans. One of the moments refugees always remember is walking through the door of their new home in the United States for the first time and being overwhelmed by the shear enormity of this move. These donated items not only provide a safe home, but also allow for greater self-sufficiency during this transition time. If you are interested in donating and would like to see what items are still needed, please visit our September Needs List. 

When we welcome refugees, they shape the world for the better. This month Kansans, through an outpouring of donations and outreach, welcomed refugees who are fearlessly dreaming of tomorrow within the challenging realities of today. We thank you for being the proof that a connected and welcoming world creates opportunities for us all.