Welcome to the virtual experience developed to connect you to local refugee and new American artisans and entrepreneurs! Scroll down to see the individuals featured in the installation, and listen to their recorded stories.

Together We Welcome is an ode to tradition and cultures from around the world that arrived with people who now call Utah “home.” Despite hardships and a long journey, refugees and other immigrants contribute to and enrich their new communities in the United States. This exhibit invites you to learn more about our newest neighbors and listen to their stories.  Community is achieved through radical welcoming and inclusion, rooted in uplifting and honoring one another as neighbors. With this sense of connection, new arrivals dream, achieve, and break through barriers. Celebrating each other strengthens our communities and ensures all remain welcome in the state of Utah.  

Walkthrough Event: 

Join us on Wednesday, February 15th from 4:30-6pm to attend a walkthrough of the installation. Engage with staff and entrepreneurs who brought the project to life, ask questions, and enjoy an evening celebrating the accomplishments of our neighbors. Sign up today »

Together We Welcome portraits
Together We Welcome is in partnership with Craft Lake City
Photo: Stevie Emerson, Ashley Borg, James Roh

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