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Vehicle Donation Program

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With the vehicle-dependent culture that is so prevalent in most of the U.S., a donated car can be life-changing for a newly-arrived refugee struggling with transportation. Donated vehicles help refugees travel to work, regain control over their lives, and achieve self-sufficiency. 

Abdinasir Ali Barisa, a 30-year-old refugee from Somalia, was donated a car by a couple. When he was 20, Abdi fled to Ethiopia from Somalia, then to Sudan, Libya, and finally Malta where he waited seven years to be resettled. Only four months into his time in America, he has a job handling rental cars at an airport and now, his own car. Abdinasir now lives in Phoenix. Photo: Fichtner

In order to donate your vehicle to the IRC, it must be in running order and not in need of any costly repairs that affect the safety or reliability of the vehicle. Vehicles must also have a current registration and receive a state inspection 30 days prior to transfer. If your vehicle meets these criteria, an IRC volunteer will meet with you to test drive the vehicle and determine whether we will be able to accept it. If accepted, you will sign over the title to IRC and provide a Bill of Sale (we have examples). We will provide a letter of acknowledgement for your records and a copy of the Kelley Blue Book value of the vehicle on the date of transfer. The following January, the IRC will mail you a form 1098-C for your tax filing.

Once we have received the vehicle, it is usually transferred over to a refugee client within a matter of weeks. Vehicle recipients are selected based on need, family size, and financial capability. You can find out more about some of the clients who have received vehicles through this program here.

If interested in donating your vehicle or learning more about the process, give us a call at 316-351-5495 or contact Megan.Webb [at] Rescue.org.

*If you are interested in volunteering to help refugees practice their driving skills or study for their driving tests, please contact VolunteerKS [at] Rescue.org.