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Volunteers share their hopes for 2018

Two of our outstanding administrative volunteers share their hopes for the new year and why they devote time every week to help make refugees welcome in Washington!

Photo: IRC

Claudia (right): "Volunteering with the IRC makes every Monday a good Monday! My father was a refugee from Yugoslavia. He was a stowaway on a ship, and traveled long distances with no papers and very little belongings. I’m inspired by my father, and by all the people who helped him create a new life for himself here. I think about him when I volunteer at the IRC. My hope for the new year is to help other refugees, who are like my father, find hope – it’s hard to fully understand what lack of hope feels like until you’ve been there. My wish is to impart peace and hope in a refugee's life.”

Jen (left): “You always feel good when you come to the IRC and you always feel good when you leave. I have been fortunate enough to receive help from others when I needed it. I am in a position to give back now. Immigrant, refugee, and asylee rights are important to our family, and I wanted to turn belief into action. My hope for the new year is for refugees, immigrants and asylees feel that we are here for them and support them - that all IRC volunteers genuinely make them our priority.”

Thank you, Jen & Claudia, and to all of our amazing volunteers who are standing with us in 2018.

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