The IRC offices in Virginia are updating their policy for accepting new resettlement cases applying for services under the Afghan Placement and Assistance Program (APA). This policy only impacts “walk-in” cases who have independently departed Safe Havens and have arrived unscheduled to Virginia. It does not affect IRC’s service provision to individuals and families traveling directly from Safe Havens as planned, assured departures to Richmond and Charlottesville.

Effective January 17, 2022, the IRC in Charlottesville will no longer accept requests to provide resettlement services for “walk-in” cases. Due to lack of available resources and staff capacity, the IRC in Charlottesville can no longer serve cases not previously assigned to our office.

Effective December 8, 2021, the IRC in Richmond will only accept and process requests to provide resettlement services for “walk-in” cases that have previously been assigned to our offices but have independently departed their Save Haven site prior to their scheduled travel date. IRC will provide services to any “walk-in” case that has already been submitted and is pending approval but will not be submitting new applications for cases not previously allocated to our office. The only exception to this policy that can be considered is for immediate family members rejoining relatives who are willing to accept full responsibility for providing permanent housing for these new arrivals.

Thank you in advance for your understanding