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We Stand with Black Lives Matter

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The International Rescue Committee in Boise is proud to stand with people all across America and the wider world protesting racial injustice, including police violence, against people of color, and especially Black people.

Black lives matter to us, today and every day.

This week and every week, when Black people are grieving-including our colleagues -we grieve with them, and stand with them, for justice.

As a resettlement organization, we cannot truly uphold our promise of safety until we demolish all sentiments of white supremacy in our own communities; we are working to look inwards as well as outwards to tackle racial injustices. The International Rescue Committee in Boise is committed to dismantling discrimination throughout our organization, in our local office, and within each of ourselves. We urge all supporters to do the same. 

Four ways YOU can stand with us to confront racial injustice:

  1. Listen, Read, Learn
  2. Speak Up
  3. Support Black and Refugee-Owned Businesses
  4. Hold Your Community Accountable


Reflection on BLM 

Fredrick Shema, Youth Success Specialist at the IRC in Boise, shares his thoughts.

When I came to United States, I always wanted to achieve my American dream and live in a safe heaven for refugees. America has created such unique image in Africa, but it wasn't until I arrived here that I realized how this country has hidden systematic racism to the world.

I was so thrilled to arrive in Boise and I took advantage of every single opportunity I received to be where I am now. During my time here, it’s been a fun and a crazy ride. As a black man in this country, I always have to work extra hard, look over my shoulder all the time and have to explain myself why am here, all the time.

After the tragedy of George Floyd, the whole country finally realized how important it is to speak up against constant racism that black people face every single day. It is very important as human beings to stick together and fight for one cause which is black lives matter.

As the movement gets stronger, it’s crucial that we stay together and don’t get separated. We need to call out every single injustice, racial inequality and act of racism against black people because it’s the right thing to do. The time is now and Change is inevitable, we just all have to do our part, which is keep fighting! Black Lives Matter.

Read the IRC’s official statement here.