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Working hard and getting a raise

After arriving in Elizabeth, NJ over the summer, two Sudanese refugees, Abdulrasul and Bakry, enrolled in the Matching Grant Early Employment Program. They not only found jobs—they have also earned raises. Abdulrasul and Bakry began working at S&B Pallet in early September. They quickly learned how to repair wooden pallets, replacing broken slats and hammering in protruding nails. Within two months, they reached productivity levels high enough to earn an extra $1.50 per hour.

Abdulrasul and Bakry are grateful for the opportunities their job presents. “To earn something for your family and future planning… all this requires money,” Bakry explained. “When you work, you must do something. You can make hard work in order to get more.” Abdulrasul and Bakry are continuing to quicken their repair skills. They are now fixing over 250 pallets each shift, a rate that will soon qualify them for another raise. 

Photo: IRC

To learn more about how you can employee refugees, contact Fiorella.Morales [at] Rescue.org (subject: I%20want%20to%20hire%20refugees!)

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