At least 32 civilians have been killed, and more than 150 injured, in clashes between armed groups yesterday in Tripoli, according to the Libyan Ministry of Health. The fierce fighting also resulted in heavy damage to civilian infrastructure and emergency services reported damage to several hospitals. An unknown number of migrants and refugees have reportedly fled from a detention center located in the affected area, with nowhere safe to go many find now themselves on the streets and at heightened risk should fighting commence again.

Tom Garofalo, the IRC’s Country Director in Libya, says:

“We have been monitoring the situation closely and have had to temporarily suspend some of IRC’s programs within Tripoli as a result of the fighting. Our affected programs include the provision of critical health care services to vulnerable Libyans, as well as protection activities for migrants and refugees in Tripoli.

While there appears to be a lull in the fighting since this morning, the situation on the ground remains tense and could escalate at any moment and result in further casualties or loss of life. Our primary concern is that we are able to reach the most vulnerable individuals that require assistance at this time; on Saturday we were able to support three people, including two pregnant women, impacted by the fighting; our protection teams are also receiving numerous calls from refugees and migrants, caught in the crossfire of the violence, and we are helping facilitate a safe exit for them.

We urge all parties to cease hostilities and ensure the protection of civilians and civilian objects.