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IRC announces aid to Haitian organizations for recovery efforts

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As recovery efforts continue in Haiti more than one month after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country in mid-August—and after the affectations caused by the tropical storm Grace—the International Rescue Committee (IRC) updated on its support to strengthen the work of local organizations.

Gina Bramucci, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the IRC, said:

“The IRC has a history of supporting Haiti, starting operations with an emergency response after the 2010 earthquake, and continuing the work in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The country has a strong network of civil society organizations that have been working to respond to the needs of communities, including during crises. After the earthquake, we reached out to former partners to hear from them about their needs and how we could best support their response. We are standing in solidarity with those partners and leaders in the response, and providing rapid funding to help them in their existing efforts.”

The IRC’s response will fund the efforts of three Haitian organizations to implement a variety of activities to satisfy priority needs within the next three months:

  • FOSREF, an organization that contributes to improving the living conditions of Haitian families through actions on sexual, reproductive and maternal health; housing; the environment; vocational education; and psychosocial support for vulnerable groups. FOSREF will contribute to the prevention of gender-based violence, including awareness sessions, psychological support and referrals to health care for survivors. In addition, the organization will deliver kits with temporary shelters, household products and basic hygiene.
  • FADHRIS, an organization that promotes the development of women, contributing to their economic and social prosperity in urban and rural areas. They will support the operations of mobile health clinics and the delivery of kits with temporary shelter, basic household and hygiene products.
  • Kay Fanm, a non-profit, feminist association that advocates for the promotion and defense of the rights of women and girls; supports women and girls who experience violence; and supports women and girls’ participation and access to education and economic opportunities. Kay Fanm will provide shelter and rebuilding materials to women who have lost their homes or whose homes were severely damaged by the earthquake.
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