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IRC condemns appalling al Hasakeh attack which cost the lives of refugees

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Thomas Garofalo, Regional Director for Public Affairs at the IRC said:

“We are appalled and saddened to hear of the attacks today in al Hasakeh province. Rajam Sleiby is a border crossing frequently used by Iraqi and Syrian civilians seeking safety.

According to our staff several children were among the dead and the wounded are still being transported from the border directly to the hospital in al Hasakeh city.

Attacks like this only serve to show just how vulnerable civilians are in this fighting.

Since October, thousands of people from Mosul have traveled west to this border crossing and to Al Hol camp close by, often via smugglers. Syrians from Deir Ezzor are also using this route. Al Hol camp is currently host to almost 17,000 people, the majority are Iraqi refugees but more than 1,000 are Syrians displaced by conflict.

The international community must work to ensure all sides of the conflict are held to account for these types of attacks that stand in breach of international law.”

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