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Press Release

IRC responds to Supreme Court clarification on bona fide relationships

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) today is relieved for families—including grandmothers, grandchildren, and critical extended relations—who will now be able to find safety and stability in the United States because of today's clarification. Further, the IRC hopes that resettlement agencies, which have prepared extensively for assured refugees' arrival and smooth adjustment, are found to qualify as bona fide relationships by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The IRC urges the administration to realize that a review of U.S. resettlement can and should be done without pausing this life-saving program for refugees—many of whom have spent years completing vetting.

Said David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee: 

“Though we celebrate the fact that grandparents are now considered close family—this is only an incomplete victory. We should not forget that refugees without family relationships still bear the brunt of this bad policy.

We hope that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will allow for the full implementation of Judge Watson’s order and will recognize the true bona fide nature of the relationship between refugees and resettlement agencies, and local communities that wish to welcome them.”

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