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The IRC responds to Trump Administration’s immigration proposal with report on new Americans’ contributions to US economy

The International Rescue Committee (The IRC) renews its call for the U.S. to implement effective and humane policy in response to the immigration plan announced by the Trump Administration yesterday.

In his Rose Garden speech, President Trump recognized America’s proud history of welcoming newcomers, but failed to offer solutions for DREAMers, families who have been separated at the border, TPS holders, refugees, or others who have been left out in the cold by the administration’s policies. The U.S. has the capacity to humanely and effectively offer protection to people in need, now it just needs to muster the will to do so.

While the president was critical of the potential of people admitted under the current immigration system to contribute to the U.S. economy, The IRC’s RescueWorks report showcases not only how hard they work to thrive in the United States - but also the potential scale of need for their contributions.

As the US weighs reforms to its immigration and asylum systems, The IRC is releasing a brief on the economic value refugees and New Americans are bringing to growth industries like Healthcare and Transportation, where labor is in short supply.

About the IRC

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing, and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster. Founded in 1933 at the call of Albert Einstein, the IRC is at work in over 40 countries and 26 offices across the U.S. helping people to survive, reclaim control of their future, and strengthen their communities. Learn more at www.rescue.org and follow the IRC on Twitter & Facebook.