The United States District Court Northern District of Texas in Dallas today upheld the lawfulness of the refugee resettlement program in Texas. In response, Jennifer Sime, Senior Vice President of US Programs with the International Rescue Committee released the following statement:

"Today’s decision upholds and affirms America’s proud history in providing refuge for the world’s most vulnerable. Refugees are fleeing violence and persecution and want nothing more than to live a safe and peaceful life.

The court is unequivocal in validating the lawfulness of the refugee resettlement program and reaffirms Texas’ legacy in welcoming refugees.

The integrity and legacy of the refugee resettlement program will continue to be one of this country’s greatest strengths. We will continue to provide the services and support needed to make sure refugees, both in Texas and nationwide, have the support they need to rebuild their lives." 

Read the court's decision.

Watch the story of the Al Sharaa family, IRC clients who would have been banned had the order been upheld: