This week Bishop W. Christopher Waddell of the LDS Church presented a generous cash and in-kind donation totaling $750,000 to the International Rescue Committee in support for refugee resettlement.  The donations will be used in 29 cities across the US to provide services for refugees in their initial months of resettlement.   

We appreciate the long-standing and steadfast support that IRC has received from the LDS community. Each and every time the church calls on members to help refugees around the world, resettlement agencies across the country experience an outpouring of support. From car and furniture donations, to volunteering, mentoring, and friendship, the LDS community has been an invaluable partner in assisting the IRC to help newly arriving refugees adjust to life in the US.We are incredibly grateful to LDS for their continued support to IRC and the refugees we serve.

-Jennifer Sime, SVP, US Programs, International Rescue Committee