The IRC applauds the signing of the FY23 Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions today, which demonstrates America’s continued commitment to refugees in the search for safety and protection. With over 100 million people displaced around the globe, the humanitarian needs are higher than ever before. The IRC looks forward to working with the Biden administration to meet the 125,000 target, an achievable goal.

Hans Van de Weerd, Senior Vice President for Resettlement, Asylum, and Integration (RAI) at the International Rescue Committee, said:

 We are encouraged to hear President Biden has signed the Presidential Determination today to welcome 125,000 refugees over the next fiscal year. The IRC looks forward to working with the administration to rebuild the arrivals pipeline and processing infrastructure so that it is equipped to rapidly meet developing needs around the world.

“Welcoming refugees to the U.S. is not only morally right but strategically necessary. Refugee resettlement has strengthened the fabric of US communities for generations, has helped ensure national security, and bolstered foreign policy and global stability. Refugees have been shown to make an outsized contribution to the U.S. economy through their high rate of entrepreneurship, tax payments, and filling essential jobs.  

“Now, the U.S. government must lead the way as a humanitarian leader and set a global example by modernizing the refugee resettlement program, and we are excited to be their partner in ensuring this goal becomes a reality.”