The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has received funding from the World Bank to implement the project “Support for Social Recovery Needs of Vulnerable Groups in Beirut.” The IRC is implementing material measures and actions so that the project is implemented per the Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs) of the World Bank. To prevent and resolve situations of gender-based violence (GBV), sexual harassment (SH), and sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), the IRC developed, adopted, and is currently executing a GBV Action Plan, which establishes the necessary procedures and mitigation measures to deal with GBV risks.

GBV Action Plan

The GBV action plan has been prepared based on IRC’s ethical standards to prevent and address cases of gender-based violence (GBV), sexual harassment (SH) in the workplace, and sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA). These are set out in IRC’s Code of Conduct, the Respect at the Workplace Policy, IRC Harassment-Free Workplace Policy, and IRC Guidelines for a Survivor-Centered Approach to Reporting Safeguarding Misconduct as part of IRC’s Beneficiary Safeguarding Policy. The action plan includes several activities IRC and the selected partners will implement under this project. The activities are divided between a) Awareness raising on the importance of addressing SEA/SH on the project and the mechanisms that will be implemented; b) Conducting SEA/SH assessment at the project site; c) Mapping out GBV prevention and response service providers able to provide care to SEA and SH survivors; d) Strengthening Institutional capacity for SEA and SH risk mitigation and response; e) Reviewing partners capacities to respond and prevent SEA/SH and integrating SEA/SH risk management in partners’ environment and social management plan. The action plan also focuses on establishing grievance mechanisms and ensuring that beneficiaries under this project have safe, confidential access to the reporting mechanisms in place.


Cherine Obeid - Project lead
Bann Tabbara – Women Protection and Empowerment Coordinator
Rita Fenianos – WPE Capacity building and Partnerships Officer
Ziad Chami – M&E Senior Officer
George Karam – Field HR Officer
Abeer Zaidan – Accountability Manager