This report presents key themes from focus groups and interviews with immigrant workers to gather their experiences, perspectives, and views on job quality.

With the generous support of the Families and Workers Fund (FWF) and in collaboration with the Department of Labor (DOL), the International Rescue Committee (IRC) conducted focus groups and interviews with nearly forty diverse refugee and immigrant workers. 

The project participants represented a range of regions, nationalities, languages, genders, ages, industries of employment, and lengths of time spent in the U.S.  As such, this project was able to capture the voices of communities that are consistently under-counted in government surveys and underrepresented in conversations around job quality.  Through these focus groups and interviews, IRC staff gathered workers’ experiences, perspectives, and views on job quality and job quality measurement.  This report discusses key themes identified in this research, as well as opportunities for continuing the conversation around job quality for immigrant workers as we continue our efforts to be intentionally inclusive of the experiences and perspectives of immigrant workers and move the needle on the quality of jobs for all.