The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Creative Associates International (Creative) implemented the Education in Emergencies (EiE) project in Northeast Nigeria providing education to over 30,000 crisis-affected children. The goal was to increase students’ literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional learning. In the first cohort, two activities were studied in a randomized evaluation. The core package of services provided at non-formal learning centers (NFLCs) included the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) curriculum and material support for classrooms and learning facilitators. The second package of services (ALP+) also included on-site coaching visits for learning facilitators. The core activities of ALP increased student literacy and numeracy outcomes and had mixed results on social emotional learning. The facilitator coaching (ALP+) yielded a negative impact on learning outcomes relative to the basic ALP package.  

The package of ALP services cost £66 per student. The program showed positive impacts on student literacy and numeracy, and ALP appears relatively cost-effective compared to other education programs targeting out-of-school children.  

Adding coaching for Learning Facilitators cost an additional £42 per student and was less cost-effective than the basic ALP activities. Because the addition of teacher coaching had a slight negative impact on literacy and numeracy gains, ALP+ was less cost-effective than the basic package of ALP services.