The IRC Bangladesh's child protection program aims to achieve this strategic goal — Children and adolescents in the Rohingya refugee camps and host communities are safe in their communities and receive support when they experience harm. To achieve this goal in 2022, the IRC ensured a multi-sectoral response to children, young people and their caregivers in both refugee and host communities.

Our approach to child protection is rooted in three core beliefs:

  1. Girls and boys are entitled to grow up in a violence free environment that upholds their rights and supports the achievement of their full potential
  2. Girls and boys should be active participants in their protection and development
  3. Families, communities and government should play fundamental roles in caring, supporting and protection children.

Adhering to these three beliefs, we have introduced Safe Healing and Learning Space (SHLS), Supporting Adolescents and their Families in Emergencies (SAFE), Learn to Lead (L2L), Learn to Earn (L2E) and Case Management approaches.