As the International Rescue Committee approaches our 100th year of service in 2033, we remain focused on ensuring that the impact of our programs and the influence of our ideas empower people caught in crisis to make last change in their lives.

To achieve that vision, we’re launching Strategy100, a strategic plan that provides a north star for our programs, our research, and our voice. We will deliver it in partnership with the people we serve and the local communities in which we work.

Our goal is to make our programs a model for the highest global standards. We aim to deliver high-quality, client-centered, cost-effective programs – on our own and with local partners. We will combine the best available research with client-driven insights. This is how we reshape the way the world aids those in need. We want empowerment and lasting change to be the norm not just for the people we serve, but for all those who are caught in crisis – including the climate crisis.