The magnitude 7.8 quake flattened centuries’ old temples and destroyed or damaged over half a million homes. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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A woman and her son survey their damaged home in Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital. An estimated 8 million people have been affected by the quake. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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The massive earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 destroyed over half a million homes. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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Many people still search the debris for belongings. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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A girl sits on the rubble of her collapsed house in Tasarphu, a village close to the quake's epicenter. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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“My goats were buried under the debris, says Sabitri Maya Tamang, 55, from Tasarphu. “I have nothing left.” Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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Aid workers from Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR), the IRC’s partner organization in Nepal, have distributed rice and other aid to thousands of villagers in Tasarphu. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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Quake survivors in Tasarphu wait for the AAR distribution, which also included blankets, shelter materials and other emergency items. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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Sacks of rice are unloaded to quake victims in Tasarphu. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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An estimated 3 million people in Nepal have been displaced by the quake. Some have built their own rudimentary shelters while others other sleep in tent camps set up by the Nepalese government. Aside from food, providing long term shelter is the most urgent task, says Noriyasu Okayama, AAR’s regional manager for Asia. Photo: Peter Biro/IRC

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