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Strength to move forward

With temporary cash assistance and individual counseling from the International Rescue Committee, this Syrian family was able to create a peaceful home again.

  • Anwar, 30, moved into a modest one-bedroom apartment in Ramtha, Jordan after escaping the war in Syria with her family. She struggled to cope with the financial stress of living in a city without a steady income. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • Anwar received $250 in cash assistance from the IRC for six months to help her purchase food, water and clothes for her children. She also used the money to pay for rent. "The cash assistance really lifted a heavy burden," she says. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • 12-year-old Waleed, Anwar's eldest child, at his home in Ramtha. Because of a leg injury, Anwar's husband is unable to work. When the cash assistance ended after six months, Anwar had no other choice but to send Waleed to work. Waleed is now back in the classroom after his family received cash assistance from another organization. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • Anwar, right, takes parts in a beauty course at the IRC women's center. At the center, she attended counseling to help cope with the trauma she experienced from the war. She also took parenting sessions where she learned new ways to help her children recover from their own traumatic experiences. "Their lives were filled with violence; even the way they started playing referred to violence. They were very much influenced by the war," she says. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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  • Anwar spends the day teaching her children English. After attending the parenting sessions, she was able to improve her relationship with her children and provided a space for them to express themselves freely. Photo: Timea Fauszt/IRC

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