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Tears and solace: a Syrian family made whole again

The Bazara family from Aleppo, Syria were reunited at Sea-Tac International Airport on Feb. 9 after three family members were banned from entering due to Trump's executive order. Photos taken by Nick Hall.

  • More than a dozen friends and neighbors came to welcome the Bazara children to America.

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  • 18-year-old Mohamed rushes to hug his older brother, Walid, who dreams of becoming an engineer.

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  • 11-year-old Alaa cries as she sees her brother-in-law.

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  • 23-year-old Jaidaa, who is almost eight months pregnant, with her father Ahmed.

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  • Emtisal embraces her son Walid to cheers from well-wishers. "I wasn't expecting such a welcome," says Walid. "I want to thank the American people for standing by us."

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  • Jaidaa, left, with her younger siblings Alaa and Mohamed.

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  • “Today I was reassured that the U.S. is the land of liberties and land of justice and the law is above all," says Ahmed, right.

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  • Ahmed (center) with his sons Mohamed and Walid and son-in-law Abdulmalik at their apartment in Tukwila.

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  • Jaidaa (center) with her mother and sister Alaa. "I'd like to tell people who are in a similar situation to be patient and believe in the American people," says Jaidaa.

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  • Jaidaa with her husband Abdulmalik. The couple is thrilled that they’ll be able to raise their baby daughter in a free and diverse country.

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