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Stand with Refugees

Ask your Representative to co-sponsor the GRACE Act

With more than 70 million people forced to flee their homes, the world is facing a historic refugee crisis. But rather than stepping up to meet this challenge, the Trump Administration has turned its back on those most in need and will only welcome no more than 30,000 refugees this year – the lowest in U.S. history. Unless we act, the U.S. is at risk of abandoning its proud legacy as a safe haven for the world’s most vulnerable people. The GRACE Act will uphold America’s long bi-partisan tradition by establishing an annual refugee admissions level of no less than 95,000, restoring refugee admissions to their historic norms. Call your Representative today and ask them to support the GRACE Act. 

Since the modern refugee admissions program began in 1980, refugees from around the world have found safe haven from persecution in the U.S., rebuilding their lives and integrating into new communities. Although refugees have often left everything behind in search of safety, when they arrive in the US, they quickly get back on their feet - learning English, securing jobs, and contributing to the economy and our communities. They become our neighbors, coworkers, and friends, and their children sit next to our own in school.

This is a chance for the House to take a stand in support of refugee resettlement. Co-sponsoring the GRACE Act means standing with refugees. Every call made to your Representative will let them know that we support refugees and need their commitment now more than ever.

Imagine what we stand to lose as a nation if refugees lose our support.

Calling your Representative is a pivotal way to show your support. Here’s what to say:

Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent from _______. I am calling to ask the Representative to support the GRACE Act, which establishes a minimum number of refugees who will be resettled in the U.S. each year in keeping with historic norms. I strongly believe we need to uphold America’s legacy of welcoming refugees, and I hope the Representative does too. Thank you.

Your call can make a difference. The House needs to know that our community of activists is dedicated to preserving the refugee resettlement program and protecting vulnerable people from persecution.