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Tell Congress that the proposed refugee ceiling is far too low

The Administration just announced that they intend to lower refugee admissions to 30,000 in the coming fiscal year – a decision that is a major blow to refugees around the world and our nation’s history of welcome. This number is simply too low. You can show your opposition to this decision and stand with refugees if you call now.

This is even worse than last September, when the U.S. decided it would accept 45,000 refugees, the lowest number in the history of the U.S. resettlement program. By the end of this fiscal year, less than half of that number will actually arrive. This year’s number is even lower. With the proposal to set this number at 30,000, the administration simply isn’t doing enough for refugees when America has the capacity to do much more. It's not an exaggeration: the future of America as a beacon of hope for refugees is on the line. With over 68.5 million people displaced in the world, and 1.5 million refugees in need of resettlement the need to support refugees and families seeking safety is more urgent now than ever.

The Judiciary Committee leadership needs to hear from you today before this decision is finalized. Let them know that our communities want refugees to arrive now and expect our country to do more.

Call these policy makers today.

Here’s what to say: 

My name is _____ and I am calling from _____. I’m calling to let the Judiciary Committee leadership know that the U.S. public insists that we resettle no fewer than 75,000 refugees this coming fiscal year. Lives depend upon it. The Administration has proposed to lower refugee admissions to 30,000 for this fiscal year. But refugee resettlement advances American strategic interests abroad and at home -- it’s secure, good for the economy, and it positively impacts communities. I need Congress to relay the same information to the Administration.

We need you to make difference. Tell the Judiciary Committee leadership that you and your communities care about refugees, and you will not wait any longer to see them arrive. Tell them that you #StandWithRefugees.