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I stand with asylum seekers

Stand with asylum seekers at the border

Vulnerable families fleeing violence and persecution in Central America are arriving at our southern border in search of safety and asylum. But instead of receiving the welcome and protection they need, they have had the door slammed in their faces. From the asylum ban to the closure of ports of entry and the shocking use of tear gas including against children, the Administration’s systematic policy of denying safe haven to vulnerable people only increases their suffering and does nothing to address the reasons they were forced to flee in the first place. Based on the IRC's experience in the region, the fears of persecution among those fleeing Central America’s Northern Triangle are very real. Current levels of violence there are akin to those in the world’s deadliest war zones—and continue to increase.

Call your Representative today and ask them to demand the Administration end its attacks on asylum seekers and increase its efforts to address the root causes of the violence and insecurity in the Northern Triangle.

Our teams in El Salvador are delivering emergency relief services. In the U.S., our teams are providing essential case management services to asylum seekers.

Congress needs to hear from you today. Let them know that you stand with asylum seekers and they should join us in publicly demanding that the Administration cease their attacks on asylum seekers and allow people to seek safe haven within the United States.  

Call your Representative today.

My name is _____ and I am a constituent from _____. I’m calling to let my Representative know that I oppose the Administration’s actions towards asylum seekers seeking safety at the U.S. border. People fleeing persecution have the right to seek asylum without being criminalized or separated from their children. Congress should do more to ensure our country protects them from violence.

Photo credit: MARVIN RECINOS/AFP/Getty Images