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I stand with refugees

Act now: Refugee arrivals in U.S. are at an all-time low

It's not an exaggeration: The future of America as a home for refugees is on the line. Six months into the fiscal year, only around 10,000 of the 45,000 refugees that the Administration committed to have arrived. But with over 65 million people displaced in the world, the need to support refugees is more urgent now than ever.

We can't let this happen without sounding the alarm. Congress needs to hear from you before it’s too late. Tell your Member of Congress to fight for refugees and for American values.

The Administration has slashed refugee admissions and added new barriers that separate families and leave refugees in limbo without making America safer.

We still need your help to fight back and remind Congress that the Trump Administration’s refugee policies DO NOT represent American values.

Families are fleeing war-torn countries to escape violence, leaving everything behind in hopes for a safer future.

As Americans, we make decisions based on what is right. We step up to help when we see people in trouble. We stand up for the most vulnerable. We as a nation are better for welcoming refugees here.

Simply put, for decades, America has been a shining example of freedom and opportunity. Until now.

Please #STANDWITHREFUGEES and TAKE ACTION. Add your name to support refugee admissions and protect families seeking reunification. Join the IRC’s community of advocates for refugee resettlement today!