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I stand with families

Stand with refugees and asylum seekers

Families are being criminalized at the United States border, as they seek refuge. Refugee arrivals are at an all-time low. You can make a difference, but we need you to act now.

Demand that your Members of Congress protect vulnerable families fleeing from violence and persecution and hold the administration accountable to resettle the 45,000 refugees that we promised safety to.

It's not an exaggeration: The future of America as a beacon of hope for refugees is on the line. The United States is currently on track to resettle only 21,000 refugees - less than half of the 45,000 that the United States committed to last year. But with over 65 million people displaced in the world, the need to support refugees and families seeking safety is more urgent now than ever.

Your Members of Congress need to hear from you today. The recent Executive Order is not a solution for families seeking asylum and does nothing to reunite the thousands of children who have already been separated from their parents at the border. It replaces the blanket policy of separating children with detention – and seeks to do so indefinitely, including on military bases, not licensed or prepared to provide care for children. As Congress continues to consider legislation on this critical issue, urge your Member of Congress to stand up for children and families seeking safety and long-standing asylum protections.

Here’s a sample of what to say:  

My name is _____ and I am calling from _____. I’m calling to ask the (Representative) to demand that the Administration protect vulnerable families seeking asylum in the United States and resettle the 45,000 refugees the U.S. committed to this year.