IRC calls for full funding for Horn of Africa response

  • The IRC is urging for full funding of the U.N. Horn of Africa response as 21 million people across three states are in need of food assistance.
  • Recent reports show that human-induced climate change has raised the chances of drought by 100 times, leading to livestock loss and severe hunger.
  • David Miliband, President and CEO of the IRC, said, “Mere months ago Somalia was on the brink of famine, due to surpass the catastrophe of 2021 in terms of scale and severity—there is no room for complacency.”
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Back home, we were friends. We both worked as farmers. We lived close to each other. Here, we make these baskets to sell in the market so we could get some cash for food.
Nunay and Bigisow sat in front of their tents, making baskets.
Families across Somalia have had their lives uprooted by a catastrophic hunger crisis that could soon be declared a famine.
Meet Nunay and Bisigow
Nunay, Bisigow and others