IRC calls for urgent support to respond to El Nino

  • Heavy El Nino rains have already devastated parts of Somalia, particularly Baidoa, while the Kenyan Meteorological Department (KMD) is predicting heavy rainfall across numerous regions of Kenya from October 2023–January 2024.
  • The recent flooding affected 107,000 people in Baidoa and destroyed 86,700 internally displaced makeshift houses. In Kenya, more than 12,000 cases of cholera have been detected.
  • The IRC is ramping up early action support and calling for swift and substantial funding to address the impacts of El Niño.
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Back home, we were friends. We both worked as farmers. We lived close to each other. Here, we make these baskets to sell in the market so we could get some cash for food.
Nunay and Bigisow sat in front of their tents, making baskets.
Families across Somalia have had their lives uprooted by a catastrophic hunger crisis that could soon be declared a famine.
Meet Nunay and Bisigow
Nunay, Bisigow and others