Ammar is a refugee from Syria living in Greece. He spent 10 months living in a camp on the Greek islands before moving to Athens, where he now volunteers to keep people safe and fed during COVID-19. “Since this pandemic started, my first response was to help out,” he says. 

Learn more about the essential contributions of refugees like Ammar during COVID-19 and beyond.


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Video Transcript

“Since this pandemic [started] my first response was to help out. Help the community, the society, the world.”

Ammar: Refugee. Mask Maker. Community Volunteer.

“I came from Syria. I was studying engineering, but I had to leave because of the war. Me as a refugee, I wanted to take action. I felt the unity with the world, the harmony. Because all the world was in a war against this pandemic. We do this daily, we produce masks, then we deliver them around Athens, for refugees, for hospitals, for all the community. Refugees, we can be useful for the world. And doing masks, this is just an example about what we can do. I am a refugee and I am a mask maker.”