The IRC and its partners in Phoenix, Arizona are helping hundreds of Central American families seeking asylum with emergency support and connecting them with their family members in the U.S. Get an inside look into our work.

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Video Transcript

We're on our way to the bus station to take two families to go get reunited with their families here in the United States.

The IRC in Phoenix, Arizona is helping hundreds of asylum-seeking families reconnect with their loved ones in the U.S. 

This is the day center that the IRC operates in partnership with St. Vincent De Paul.

It's a safe space for asylum-seeking families when they are released from detention.

Hello! Good morning to everyone.

How are you all? Good!

We provide them with food, hygiene items, clothing, medical assistance, pro bono lawyers.

We also coordinate travel to their family members in other parts of the country. 

And when they're here we see kids playing, we see families having meals, we see people smiling because they know they have a plan to actually reunite with their families here in the United States. 

Seeking asylum is legal.

Turning asylum seekers away is not.