Tamara, an IRC pharmacist, is providing Syrian women at the Azraq refugee camp with access to medicine for reproductive health. Amid a national lockdown in Jordan due to the coronavirus, IRC health programs continue to operate.

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Video Transcript

Despite a national lockdown due to COVID-19 in Jordan, the IRC continues to serve the most vulnerable.

Tamara: "Hi! My name is Tamara and I'm a pharmacist with the International Rescue Committee. Today, I'll be reporting from our clinic from Azraq refugee camp, where I'll be giving you a glimpse into the reproductive health services we are providing for women at the camp. The majority of women we serve are pregnant and need immediate care."

We work to ensure our staff and patients are protected from COVID-19. Tamara prepares prescriptions for women who need medicine in the camp.

Tamara: "We provide contraceptives, supplements and reproductive health medications, along with the post-exposure prophylaxis kit. The fact that we are still able to provide our services makes me feel responsible, dedicated and valuable."

Our teams worldwide are working around the clock to rescue lives and fight COVID-19.