In interviews filmed by the International Rescue Committee's emergency response team in Greece, three Syrian refugees who made their way to the Greek island of Lesbos describe their harrowing experiences in Syria and why they had to leave.

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Video Transcript

Man speaking English: We were obliged to leave the country. We need to save ourselves, to save our children, to save our families.

Man speaking Arabic: Whatever the situation is in Greece, it's better than in Syria. Because in Syria there's no safety and no peace. We saw with our eyes people get killed every day.

Woman speaking Arabic: Because the situation was so unjust, the war, the hard life without water, electricity, a house...  We lost our house, so we don't have somewhere to live.

Man speaking English: We were besieged by two powers, two conflicting powers. By the political regime, the Syrian political regime and the ISIS, at the same time. Both of them were conflicting and we were the victims.

Woman speaking Arabic: There is war with a lot of airplanes throwing bombs on us and we cannot protect ourselves. There are no authorities that can stop this situation.

Man speaking English: Of course the trip was very long trip from Syria by crossing rivers, by crossing deserts -- a lot of problems until we arrive Turkey.

Man speaking Arabic: The most difficult part was to walk between Syria and Turkey, because at that travel we were walking under the gunshots.

Man speaking English: At last we left Turkey and after Turkey we came by sea illegally — I'll be frank, yes — to Greece. All the people here are feeling sad, feeling hopeless, really. We ask the people, we ask the world, all the world to help the Syrian people really.