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Why Syrian mothers are proud of their daughters

Meet resilient Syrian refugee mothers who are raising confident daughters—and won't let war, exile or an uncertain future stop them.

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Video Transcript

These resilient Syrian refugee mothers are raising confident daughters.

We asked them: What makes you most proud of your daughter?

Nadia was pregnant with twins when she escaped Aleppo.

She’s close with her 8-year-old daughter Maissa, who loves to help her mom.

“I’m proud my daughter goes to school.”

“I didn’t have this opportunity, but she does.”

Ibtesam is doing everything to ensure a bright future for her daughter Ala’a.

“She is very clever and kind. My daughter is the smartest in the family.”

Ola fled Syria with her three children. Taima’a is the youngest.

“I’m proud of my daughter’s character.”

“If she gets something in her head, she will do it.”

All mothers want the same thing for their children— safety, health, and a bright future.

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