The Community Sponsorship Program in Tucson aims to support newly arriving refugee families by helping them become self-sufficient and integrate into their new U.S. community as quickly as possible. 

The Co-Sponsorship Program allows community members to actively engage in the resettlement process and the lives of our clients. It combines financial contributions, in-kind donations, and group volunteer efforts to provide comprehensive support for clients as they navigate their new community in Tucson. 

Please note that this program does not permit groups to select individuals for sponsorship. Instead, IRC staff match and pair clients with CoSponsor groups based on client needs and group capabilities. 


Location: Group members should be based within Pima County and able to travel to Tucson. 

Time Commitment: Commit to six months of ongoing education, mentorship, and client support. 


  • Assemble a team of 6-10 volunteers committed to dedicating necessary time for the project. 
  • Team members must be 18 years or older. 
  • Participate in and clear screenings and IRC Background Checks. 
  • Submit a single CoSponsorship Group Application. 
  • Each team member should submit a Volunteer Application. 
  • The team is required to raise funds to support the family you will be working with. These funds can be supplemented with in-kind donations for household and personal needs or suitable rental housing. 

Get in touch

How To Apply: Complete an online application and get in touch with Morgan Bell, Community Sponsorship Program Coordinator, IRC Tucson, at [email protected] or 602-815-7761

For more information, visit the IRC in Tucson’s Co-Sponsorship webpage here.