CONNECTION TO MISSION: Teach language skills that aid in improved communication in clients’ new community and encourage self-sufficiency.

LOCATION: In client’s home; other sites possible.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1hr/week for 6 months


Use resources provided in Volunteer Training and additional ones provided by IRC staff to improve conversational English skills of clients who may or not be literate in their own language.

Consider your time with the client supplemental to their ELT classes and self-directed practice.

Progress will still be slow, but rewarding.



Develop an agreed-to schedule with client. Be reliable and communicate any changes in order to develop a sense of mutual trust.

Decide if you want to focus strictly on ELT, and if so, make your boundaries clear. Some clients may present other documents or challenges they are facing. Knowing whether they have a mentor and where they are in their resettlement will help you refer them to another channel of assistance or the appropriate IRC staff member.

Report your Volunteer hours by the end of each month.



No foreign language skills or certification necessary.

Patience to work slowly in a setting where progress milestones may be infrequent or less obvious.



A gratifying experience that will likely result in an enriching friendship

Support of the IRC staff throughout your volunteer experience